Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)
in Turkey

At Cosmedica Aesthetics in Istanbul, we are experts in eyelid lift procedures. Our bespoke approach ensures that your eyelids are naturally contoured to complement your facial features, offering both comfort and a revitalized appearance. From the first consultation to the final outcome, we provide comprehensive care throughout your eyelid lift journey. Discover the advantages of choosing Cosmedica Aesthetic for your eyelid lift in Turkey and enjoy a more youthful look for years to come. 


Blepharoplasty at a glance

Length of stay

3 Nights in the Clinic & 3 Nights in the Hotel


Local anesthesia


Rest with your head elevated in a recliner or with at least 2 pillows for the first 48 hours after surgery.


Back to normal after 2 weeks




Permanent result


Starting from 2090 €

Dr. Ufuk Durgun

Dr. Ufuk Durgun welcomes you to his clinic Cosmedica Aesthetic. He is a highly qualified plastic surgeon based in Istanbul, Turkey. With extensive training and experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Durgun has made significant contributions to the field through his research, lectures and publications.

Reasons for an
Eyelid Lift in Turkey

Top-Tier Expertise for Eyelid Lift

Turkish clinics attract highly skilled plastic surgeons with extensive experience in eyelid lift procedures. These surgeons stay updated on the latest techniques, ensuring exceptional results and prioritizing your health and safety.

Cost-Effective Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift surgery in Turkey is significantly more affordable compared to many Western countries. This cost-efficiency does not compromise quality; it reflects Turkey's lower living costs and favorable exchange rates. You can receive top-notch medical care for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

Modern Facilities for Eyelid Lift

Turkish clinics boast cutting-edge technology and adhere to the highest hygiene and safety standards. Many are accredited by international organizations, offering patients peace of mind and a comfortable environment for their eyelid lift procedure.

Seamless Eyelid Lift Experience

Many clinics provide all-inclusive packages, covering everything from consultations and surgery to post-operative care and even accommodation. These packages often include airport transfers and personal assistants, making the entire eyelid lift process smooth and stress-free for international patients.

Focus on Your Well-Being

While Turkey offers a unique cultural experience, the primary focus is on your well-being. Consider combining your eyelid lift with some relaxing downtime to enhance your overall experience.

Costs for an Eyelid Lift in Turkey

The cost of eyelid lift surgery in Turkey can vary widely depending on several factors, including the surgeon’s expertise, the specifics of the procedure, the facility’s location and reputation, and the details of the patient care package. On average, the cost typically ranges from €1,700 to €2,500.

At our clinic, the cost is competitively priced at €2,090, which includes the surgery, accommodation (2 nights in the clinic & 2 nights in a hotel), and transfers, ensuring a seamless experience for our patients.

Reasons to Choose Cosmedica Aesthetic

Expert Plastic Surgeons in Turkey

Turkish surgeons are renowned for their expertise and high success rates in rhinoplasty procedures. The rhinoplasty surgeons experience corresponds to the high standards in world cosmetic dentistry.

Affordable Prices

Nose job cost in Turkey can be up to 50-70% cheaper than in many Western countries. This significant cost difference is due to lower operational costs, favorable exchange rates, and competitive pricing strategies of Turkish clinics, without compromising the quality of medical care.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest medical technology and adhere to international standards.

Comprehensive Packages

Many clinics offer all-inclusive packages covering surgery, accommodation, and transfers, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Why Choose
Cosmedica Aesthetic

From the initial consultation to post-operative care, we are committed to providing an exceptional patient experience. Our consultations are free and allow you to discuss your goals and concerns with our experienced professionals without obligation. We offer comprehensive packages that include surgical procedures, pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, and additional amenities such as hotel accommodation and transportation within Istanbul for added convenience.


Reason to choose us
English-speaking Doctor
10+ years of experience in the field of beauty
Real Self Top Doctor and winner of the WhatClinic Award
Modern technique
State-of-the-art clinic
24/7 availability remotely and on site

How Does it Work?

Here’s a simple explanation for each step of a surgical treatment process:

Free Initial Consultation

Contact our clinic to discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals.

Planning your operation

We will help you schedule the surgery, choose a date, and discuss any preparations needed.

Transfer and hotel

Our clinic assists with airport transfers, and hotel accommodations.


You're welcomed at the clinic by our surgical team. Dr. Durgun performs the procedure as planned.

Post-Operation Care

You'll receive care in the clinic's recovery area and instructions on how to care for the surgical site.

Follow-Up From Home

We continue to monitor your recovery through scheduled follow-ups - virtually or in person.

How Does an
Eyelid Lift in Turkey Work?

Consultation and Planning

The process starts with an in-depth consultation to understand the patient’s goals, expectations, and evaluate their suitability for an eyelid lift.
A comprehensive medical evaluation, including a review of the patient’s medical history, physical examination, and any necessary imaging studies, is conducted to ensure the patient is fit for surgery.
The surgeon creates a personalized surgical plan, detailing the specific techniques to be used and setting realistic expectations for the outcome.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Patients receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for surgery, such as guidelines on medication usage, dietary restrictions, and cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption.
Necessary pre-operative tests, like bloodwork and possibly a cardiac evaluation, are performed to confirm the patient’s readiness for surgery.

The Eyelid Lift Surgery

The surgery generally begins with the administration of anesthesia, either local with sedation or general, based on the complexity of the procedure and patient preference.
The surgeon makes precise incisions along the natural creases of the eyelids. Excess skin, muscle, and sometimes fat are removed or repositioned to achieve a youthful and alert appearance.
After achieving the desired contour, the surgeon closes the incisions with fine sutures and may apply a protective ointment and light bandages to support the new eyelid position during the initial healing phase.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Patients typically spend a few hours in a recovery area under observation before being discharged. Mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common but manageable with prescribed medications and cold compresses.
Scheduled follow-up appointments are crucial for monitoring the healing process, removing sutures, and addressing any concerns or complications that may arise.
Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and any rubbing or pulling at their eyelids for several weeks to ensure proper healing. Sleeping with the head elevated and avoiding sun exposure are also recommended.
Full recovery can take several weeks to a few months. Adhering to all post-operative care instructions, maintaining good hygiene, and protecting the eyelids from trauma are essential for optimal results.
Following your surgeon’s instructions diligently throughout the entire process is essential for a successful breast reduction experience and optimal outcomes in Turkey.

Cosmedica Aesthetic -
Before / After

Explore the transformations of our clients in our gallery, where each photo tells a story of change and renewed confidence. See for yourself how our expertise and cosmetic surgeons in Turkey have crafted not just new looks, but new beginnings. You can view more in Cosmedica Aesthetic reviews above.

Eyelid Lift in Turkey – Recovery Timeline

Day 1

Rest, pain management, initial swelling, use of cold compresses.

Day 2-4

Continued medication, reduced activity, gentle cleaning of eyes, head elevation.

Day 5-14

Stitch removal if needed, gradual increase in light activities, reduced swelling, follow-up appointments.

Week 2-4

Return to most daily activities, avoiding strenuous exercise, careful monitoring for any complications.

Month 1-12

Complete healing of incisions, resumption of all activities, consistent scar care, sun protection.

Year 1-1.5

Final results assessment, regular check-ups, ongoing monitoring of eyelid appearance, maintenance of healthy lifestyle.

Eyelid Lift in Turkey - Aftercare Process

What the Patient Should Do?

Day 1-7

Cold compresses, pain management, head elevation, avoiding strenuous activities.

Day 1-14

Follow-up appointment, gentle cleaning of incisions, reducing swelling, limited screen time.

Day 1-21

Gradual resumption of normal activities, avoiding heavy lifting, monitoring for signs of complications.

1 Year

Regular check-ups, ongoing scar care, sun protection, monitoring for long-term results.

FAQs - Eyelid Lift in Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a top destination for eyelid lift procedures due to its excellent medical services, skilled cosmetic surgeons, and competitive pricing. Clinics like Cosmedica Aesthetic offer advanced technology, comprehensive care, and all-inclusive packages that ensure a smooth, stress-free experience from consultation to recovery.

The recovery period involves several stages:

Day 1: Rest and pain management, with cold compresses to reduce initial swelling.
Day 2-4: Reduced activity, head elevation, gentle cleaning of eyes.
Day 5-14: Gradual return to light activities, stitch removal if necessary, follow-up appointments.
Week 2-4: Return to most daily activities, avoiding strenuous exercise.
Month 1-12: Complete healing, consistent scar care, sun protection.

Cosmedica Aesthetic specializes in personalized eyelid lift procedures to enhance facial aesthetics and boost self-confidence. With Dr. Ufuk Durgun’s extensive experience and the clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities, patients receive top-notch care throughout their journey, ensuring both a comfortable experience and long-lasting results.
The cost of an eyelid lift at Cosmedica Aesthetic is competitively priced at €2,090, encompassing the surgery, two nights in the clinic, two nights in a hotel, and transfers. This all-inclusive package ensures a seamless experience, combining high-quality medical care with comprehensive support during your stay in Turkey.

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We have entered your service in Istanbul Etiler, Cosmedica Aesthetic sees our valued guests as one of our family and we are waiting for you to Cosmedica Aesthetic to get a healthy service in a sterile environment with our state-of-the-art technology devices and experienced and expert staff. Today, when technological infrastructure is the most important factor in the world of aesthetics as in every field, we bring you all the innovations in the world of aesthetics. We always aim to offer you the best in beauty and care procedures, invasive medical procedures and non-invasive medical procedures with our FDA approved device infrastructure. In our clinic, aesthetic applications, filling applications, botox applications are performed with the latest technologies and innovations. Our Cosmedica Aesthetic clinic includes specialist doctors and esthetician specialists.

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